Are Electronic Sports Real Sports?


Currently, one of the most controversial topics about entertaining activities are electronic sports (called eSports). Because video games and eSports can attract so much attraction of people, eSports were considered clearly as an addiction, a generator of problems in children and teenagers, or something that people who have failed would to waste their time. For these reasons, many adults do not consider eSports as sports and triy to prohibit or restrict these activities. However, I think not only are these eSports real sports, also they must be permitted by parents and local authorities. (más…)

My group of friends from the I.C.P.N.A.

My friends

From left to right: Estefanía, me, Vianca, Gaby, and Renan.

I was reading in my English book an interesting article about several types of friendship. For me, one of the most interesting types was the special-interest friends because they had allowed me to improve my skills and make more enjoyable my courses and challenges. (más…)

The Andean Myth of the Condor

The Andean Myth of the Condor

The Andean Myth of the Condor

My favorite Quechua myth is the story of the condor and a girl, which was compiled by novelists like Jose Maria Arguedas and Johnny Payne. Once upon a time, there was a girl who lived with an old shepherd, who was her father, in the highlands of the Andes. She had the sheep, llamas and other animals taken care of from her father’s farm. (más…)

The Unsolved Mystery of the Disappearance of Walter Collins, His Mother and His Impostor

Walter Collins and his impostor

Walter CollinsWalter Collins and his impostor

I was reading on the Internet an interesting story about a missing boy whose mother never found him. On March 1928, Christine Collins gave her nine-year-old son Walter money for the cinema in Los Angeles, US. However, he never returned from the show. The disappearance was reported immediately, but, despite the police’s efforts, no trace of him was reported for five months. (más…)

My Trip to Huaraz

My friends Ericka, Viviana, and me in Huaraz.

My friends Ericka, Viviana, and me in Huaraz.

In March 2018, my friends Ericka, Viviana, and I traveled to Huaraz, a beautiful small province in Peru. We don’t traveled for many years before, and we were very excited about this opportunity. For this reason, we did some basic preparations rapidly but they caused some unexpected consequences. (más…)