A Delicious Ceviche Every Day

Peruvian Ceviche

Near the Center of Innovation of Miraflores, the place where I work, there is a small marketplace which small food stalls sell a variety of popular dishes. Because I don’t prepare food for the lunchtime, every day I buy my lunch there for 9 soles. Cheap and delicious enough, I thought.


Mis artículos del curso Advanced Grammar del ICPNA

Aprender un idioma implica disciplina, constancia y creatividad. En los 3 meses del curso Advanced Grammar del ICPNA, me entrené bastante en la aplicación de las reglas gramaticales mediante la redacción de artículos, conforme iba avanzado el curso. Es por ello que aquí les presento algunos de mis artículos, ordenados en orden cronológico inverso. (más…)

My First Experience in a Student Demonstration

Student demonstration in San Marcos

One of my most significant memories is my first experience in a Demonstration when I was 18 years old. It was in 2008 when I was doing my first year on the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos. That year there were such big problems with the local government of Lima that novice students like me (usually called cachimbos) who participated enthusiastically in marches as a demonstration against the Municipality and the Police. Furthermore, we liked to learn the university life, social changes, and politics, topics usually related to university demonstrations and protests of San Marcos. (más…)