Hoy quiero comentarles una de las mejores experiencias en el aprendizaje del inglés que he llevado a nivel online. Se trata del English Fluency Breakthrough Challenge, una jornada de un mes de retos en inglés organizados por English FullTime y que se realizaron en Instagram.

Básicamente se trató de responder a un reto diario en tareas que consistían desde publicaciones sobre el idioma, mensajes de audio y videos en vivo. Lo mejor fueron las videollamadas entre los challengers y los comentarios de una potente comunidad construida alrededor de los hashtags #englishfulltime #fluencybreakthrough. Los ganadores se llevaron paquetes de horas de tutoría con entrenadores nativos de inglés.

El grado de interacción me pareció súper interesante. Participantes de los 5 continentes estuvieron enganchados en el desarrollo de los retos gracias a las fantásticas herramientas que ha brindado Instagram. Con total empatía y respeto, los participantes fueron compartiendo sus experiencias, crearon nuevas ideas y fueron desarrollando su fluidez.

En mi caso, he conversado con personas de China, Corea del Sur, Indonesia, Japón, México, Ucrania, Rusia. Sin embargo, hubo personas que lograron contactar con 40 países, algo totalmente maravilloso.

Recomiendo totalmente participar en el Fluency Breakthrough, ya que te ayudará a ejercitar tu fluidez en el idioma inglés, perder el temor al error, disfrutar el idioma, desarrollar empatía con la diversidad personal y a usar Instagram. El costo es económico, pero el valor vale la pena.

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Hey! My name is Luciana, I’m 32 and I’m from Brazil. I’ve been architect for 8 years, and currently, I work as a professor 👩🏻‍🏫 in a University located in the north of Brazil. Here it’s so hot ☀️and I don’t like feel with heat, but on the other hand, there is so many beautiful natural and exotic places here like in the edge of the river and into the Amazon forest 🌳. I live here with my husband and we have a messy french bulldog called Gybson😅🐾. Its name was inspiraded in a guitar brand because my husband plays the guitar and had one of this brand. In my free time I enjoy playing with my dog, drawing or painting some views 👩🏻‍🎨, watching netflix or some channels on youtube, specially english channels as The English Coach, Small Advantages and Ask Jackie. I’ve been studying English for a couple of years and I’m looking for improving my speaking 🗣. It’s the reason that I decided to join this challenge. I love travel abroad 🛫and every year I’m used to travel to a different country. I’ve already visited 16 countries and my dream is to live abroad 🏡 some day. I believe that learning English open many doors and can up my career. Also, I hope meeting people with the same insterests as mine and share some experiences and difficulties. 🤓🙌🏻 #englishfulltime #fluencybreakthrough #eftintro @theenglishcoach @englishfulltime

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Hello my friends, I don’t want to scare you😷😅. But when I took a break on my volunteer work this morning, I realized it’s a bit while since my last task. Maybe it was not a good time and I didn’t know if you wanna see this, pressing live button in nervous, but thanks to you guys and your greetings, made me feel relaxed. Just a bit shame that I didn’t ’t explain things well and had to go back to work, I wish I could do more talk more after this. Btw, I’m good so far, I live far away from quarantine area. Due to my work, we still did tons of work to prevent virus spreading to my city, especially in the local industrial zone. Thanks for your guys support even I have disappeared for a little while in this challenge 🙏🙏🙏 #englishfulltime #fluencybreakthrough #eftLiveVideo @theenglishcoach @englishfulltime

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Yesterday, I had a videocall with @pocketful_of_ephemara, from Japan 🇯🇵. Our conversation was amazing because we learning a lot about our countries and culture. For example, I learned some of the characteristics of cities in Japan, the challenges that Japanese learners of English face. I share her some information about Peruvian dishes, music, and social issues. Also, we realized that we have in common our compromise with learning English and the challenge of keeping practicing and learning. Our countries have 10 hours of diference!! 🙂 Nice to meet you, @pocketful_of_ephemara , I’m sure you will improve your English and meet more people around the world. 💪💪🌍 #englishfulltime #fluencybreakthrough #eftconversation @theenglishcoach @englishfulltime

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Day 29-30 . It was a real challenge for me. I put a lot of efforts to complete all tasks. . Making a live video was the most scaring task for me. I had never done it before. I thought I couldn’t do it but after one day of struggling and due to support of my new friends I did it. . I can say that each day of the challenge I had to get out of my comfort zone either to make a video call or to make a video presentation. Sometimes I had to sit till midnight to finish a day task. . I’m very proud of myself for all that I achieved in the challenge. My most important achievement is self-confidence in live conversation. . During this challenge I made 36 video calls with people from all over the world. It was an unforgettable experience. I would like to say thank you so much to all my new friends: @natanmloo2 @anne.abubakar @alex.card.7883 @elenasimon2 @mzi_palash @maguirodriguezsoto @carlosgarciaraiza @monalisa_redhead @eulora_ @jacob_goku @flaviovilelarodrigues @amm19_97 @wagnergfreitas @hectorardila2 @mahmoudalbelbeisi @lev.pa @obalayev @inda.days.ofenglish @george30510 @andrbk80 @rcamacho72 @wftituana @addeilearningenglish @fahadhushaiberi @frankric @ernyna14 @icamcool @regularicksanchez @jorgecaballerosigala @sompholboonjing @javier4090 @noorullah.noor282020 @moustafakamelzeer . I’ll be happy if we can continue our communication after the challenge. . I’m also very grateful to Stefanie @theenglishcoach for this amazing opportunity 💞💕 . . #englishfulltime #fluencybreakthrough #MyFluencyBreakthrough @theenglishcoach @englishfulltime

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