I felt comfortable in many of the tests of my Advanced English Reading and Writing courses. Because many of the topics that I saw in classes I really had learned them when I was in high school, pre-university academies, and the University itself, the course was a bit easy for me. It means that in case of a difficult test, I could take advantage of my previous knowledge about strategies of reading and writing. And that day, a quiz was ready to do it.

I arrived late this morning. The teacher Mr. Frank Yamanaka was talking about vocabulary and book exercises. Then, he said that the written quiz was going to start in 1 minute. Our sits was ordered in columns. Mr. Yamanaka asked Mr. Carlos Roman if he can go to delivery the quizzes to each student. He accepted and started to give us the pieces of papers. I prepared my stuff: a pencil, a pen, a pencil sharpener, and an eraser. The quiz started.

The article of the quiz was entitled “What Brings about Challenges in Science?” and its topic was about advances in Science and their relationship with technology and the social paradigms. Immediately, I thought in my University Philosophy classes about Epistemology (the discipline that studies the Science), and all my readings about Historiography (the discipline that covers how historians have developed History), and its connection to Science, social paradigms and powers. The article was so impressive that I read it from start to finish.
However, the questions were more difficult than usual. It required an interpretation of some quotes and the connection of the author’s implicit ideas. So, I started to identify the keywords in the article and draw lines and circles that was going to show me the mean topics and the connections. It helped me a lot. I learned to use this technique a lot in my pre-university academy because San Marcos admission reading test was hard so I was happy.

I recognize as the hardest question “How do the attitudes if the authorities figures differ towards the developments in social sciences and natural sciences?” Not options to mark, only a field for handwriting the answer. In the paragraphs, I saw that idea was not explicit. I had to identify the keyword social science. Once identified “This is most obvious in the social sciences,” I had to figure out what could be the connection with the other kind of science. After minutes, I could write the answer helped by that reasoning and confirmed by my previous knowledge in epistemology.

I finished the exam on time. I sent my piece of paper to my teacher and left the classroom. The experience was amazing!