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My New Website Domain

“Good decisions come from experience, and experience comes from bad decisions.” Anonymous.

After a few days trying possible solutions for my website problem, I faced the possibility to drop my former hosting account, to buy a new one and a new website domain. I was interested in oscarroman.me because “ME” could be used to mean about me (like other modern websites). That means that I was going to correct a letter on my website direction of my business card and probably abandon my old URL.

This decision gives me some advantages. ME domains are cheaper than PE domains, US$ 19 dollars vs. US$50 dollars per year. Also, I could take the new lower prices of hosting. So, I did all the necessary operations, and after 40 minutes, I had the new hosting and new domain.

I regretted I do not renew my old website domain earlier, but now I have a new website domain, and I prepared the next operation: to move all the WordPress content to the new website. But it is the story of the next day.

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