Today I was notified in my e-mail inbox that my website domain will expire within a week. I thought that I could renew my domain and then checked my domain dashboard to do that. Also, I opened my Paypal account, and I was ready to do the operation.

However, something went wrong. The dashboard showed me an error message. “The operation failed, this domain cannot be renewed.” I was worried, so I checked my Namecheap Inbox. I noticed two facts, the auto-renewal process failed, and the impossibility of renewing my domain.

The message said “ALL PE domains MUST be renewed a minimum of 12 days prior to the expiration date. Anything not renewed by this time will go into a redemption status and, if recoverable, will include an extra fee for recovery.»

I was sad and tried to find some information on the Internet. My whole personal project, my personal website was in danger. I had to do other tasks I that day, so I decide to do nothing that day.

This article was presented for the course Advanced Reading and Writing 2 of the ICPNA. Book: NorthStar 4, published by Pearson.