That day I had the command of going to the OpenPUCP, a big building co-working space that host startups, labs of innovations and workshops. I had to take pictures of some mentoring sessions that I have coordinated days before.

The place was wonderful. Big tables, small tables, mobile boards, seats, translucent rooms with computers, more tables, and chairs, big stairs with more rooms, etc. The decoration was modern and elegant. The people were prone to talk with unknown people.

In the sessions, I saw my former coworkers that I met in the Municipality of San Isidro, they are Ricardo and Viviana, who are startup mentors. Also, I meet Evelyn and Patricio, their coworkers. Thanks to their explanation in their talks, I fathom some vital process in the startups business.

After the sessions, I talk with them about our new job positions, new challenges and what happened with our friends in common. They noticed me that Jaime is also working in the PUCP but in other building, and I told them that Viviana (a namesake) continues working in San Isidro.

The conversation was a great pleasure, showing our tenderness for our stories and anecdotes in San Isidro. And suddenly we wanted to take a selfie. Below is the pic.

Nice day!

This article was presented for the course Advanced Reading and Writing 2 of the ICPNA. Book: NorthStar 4, published by Pearson.