Currently, one of the most controversial topics about entertaining activities are electronic sports (called eSports). Because video games and eSports can attract so much attraction of people, eSports were considered clearly as an addiction, a generator of problems in children and teenagers, or something that people who have failed would to waste their time. For these reasons, many adults do not consider eSports as sports and triy to prohibit or restrict these activities. However, I think not only are these eSports real sports, also they must be permitted by parents and local authorities.

Basically, Esports consist of a variety of multiplayer video games which are played competitively for spectators, typically by professional gamers. Like traditional sports, fans follow teams, watch matches and even attend cup finals, cheering on their favorites stars around the world. Everywhere you go, you can watch ads of eSports tournaments in games like Starcraft, Counter-Strike, Dota2, League of Legends. These similarities are enough for me to consider eSports as Sports.

My second reason is that eSports have grown rapidly. The revenue from eSports have risen from $ 130 million in 2012 to $ 465 million in 2017, and the global audience has reached 385 million last year. Probably, these big numbers will be similar to traditional sports like soccer, baseball, basketball for a simple reason: evidently digital gaming is where the next generation of fans will come from. There goes the money!

My third reason is that many organizations of traditional sports started to support eSport in their activities clearly. NBA teams like Sacramento Kings and soccer teams like Manchester City have invested million dollars in League of Legends stars and teams. Now that ESPN has dedicated esports news section on their website, they helped to legitimize eSports stars as ‘athletes’. Also, there is the possibility that eSports tournaments will be added to the 2024 Olympics.

For these reasons, I consider that eSports are sports. Actually, there are more topics to discuss about eSports, like addiction to video games, health and psychological problems of game starts, corruption, and cheating like traditional sports, but also they are not quite different from traditional sports. Unless you don’t want to connect better with younger people, you can ignore it eSports.

This article was presented for the course Advanced Grammar 2 of the ICPNA. Book: Focus On Grammar 5, published by Pearson
Units: 18th – Adverbs: Sentence, Focus and Negative, and 19th – Adverbs clauses
Instructions: Write five paragraphs on a controversial topic. You may use one of the topics in Exercise 10 or select another topic of your own. Do research on your topic and be objective.
Organize your composition in this way:
– Paragraph 1: Introduction. State your viewpoint. Mention the viewpoint on the other side of the issue.
– Paragraph 2: First reason for your viewpoint.
– Paragraph 3: Second reason for your viewpoint.
– Paragraph 4: Third reason for your viewpoint.
– Paragraph 5: Conclusion.
Use sentence adverbs, focus adverbs, negative adverbs, and adverb clauses (both were underlined).