My friends

From left to right: Estefanía, me, Vianca, Gaby, and Renan.

I was reading in my English book an interesting article about several types of friendship. For me, one of the most interesting types was the special-interest friends because they had allowed me to improve my skills and make more enjoyable my courses and challenges.

Currently, I have a small group of friends who match this kind of friendship: my friends of the I.C.P.N.A. Everyday we meet up on the first-floor restaurant for talking about the lesson and anecdotes of the day, and for practicing our English. It started to happen since Estefania presented me Gaby and Vianca in 2017. They, with other friends that I met before like Renan and Fernando, are part of this special group of friends.

Estefania, my first friend of this group, is a bakery manager and she is on the “Advanced Grammar 2” course. She enjoys talking stories and anecdotes of the classes and her daily work. Gaby, the oldest of the group, is an accountant and she is on the “Advanced Listening and Speaking 3” course. I like her way of practicing her English with us. Vianca, the youngest of the group, is a University student and she is on the “Advanced Listening and Speaking 2” course. She likes to review the lesson of the day and talk about her university life.

We love sharing tips and ideas about what we have learned in our courses and our homework. Although making high scores is not our priority, since we started this we started to pass the majority of the courses with better scores. Also, we enjoy having done activities together, like going to Mundo Lingo meet ups (a good way to practice foreign language with tourist, usually in bars), restaurants, and the Cinema. Also, I appreciate our sharing of resources that allow us to learn more English, like the book Grammar in Use Intermediate and the apps To Phonetics and Youglish.

Having made friends with them is the best thing I have ever done. Doing it has made the process of learning English more enjoyable, especially when I was busy and worried. Although this friendship is only the special-interest kind, nothing can stop to make long-term friends.

This article was presented for the course Advanced Grammar 3 of the ICPNA. Book: Focus On Grammar 5, published by Pearson
Unit: 16th – Gerunds, and 17th – Infinitives. (both were underlined)
Instructions: Look at the categories of friendship in the opening reading. Choose one of the categories and write five or more paragraphs about a friend of yours who fits into it. Use gerunds, gerund phrases, infinitives and infinitive phrases in your composition.

Some information was changed.