The Andean Myth of the Condor

The Andean Myth of the Condor

My favorite Quechua myth is the story of the condor and a girl, which was compiled by novelists like Jose Maria Arguedas and Johnny Payne. Once upon a time, there was a girl who lived with an old shepherd, who was her father, in the highlands of the Andes. She had the sheep, llamas and other animals taken care of from her father’s farm.

Suddenly, a handsome young man started to visit her at the farm located in the mountains. He went to see her many times, dressed in an elegant black suit and black hat. After a couple of weeks, they became close friends.

One day, the handsome young man asked the girl to play a game about jumps and picks up. She was delighted with the man and trusted him. However, when she was hugging him, he jumped into the sky, he turned into a big condor and took the girl to his nest.

The nest was located on the top of the highest mountain. They lived together for a long time. She felt in love with him and they had a baby. She loved them but she missed his father deeply and cried every night. Fortunately, a hummingbird helped her to escape.

Since that day, it is believed that the Condor watches over the Andes trying to find a new girl to bring to his nest. Also, Andean people assume that the Condor becomes an elegant young man when it sees someone as beautiful as the shepherd’s daughter.

This article was presented for the course Advanced Grammar 2 of the ICPNA. Book: Focus On Grammar 5, published by Pearson
Unit: 15th The Passive to Describe Situations and to Report Opinions (underlined).
Instructions: Write a five-paragraph summary of a legend or myth from your culture or another you are familiar with. Use passives to describe situations and report opinions.