My friends Ericka, Viviana, and me in Huaraz.

My friends Ericka, Viviana, and me in Huaraz.

In March 2018, my friends Ericka, Viviana, and I traveled to Huaraz, a beautiful small province in Peru. We don’t traveled for many years before, and we were very excited about this opportunity. For this reason, we did some basic preparations rapidly but they caused some unexpected consequences.

First at all, Viviana told me to buy bus tickets for us. I did it without any problem. After, Viviana searched some places for sleep, and there were beautiful, clean, and enjoyable hotels. However, many of them were unavailable on this date and we had to choose cheap options, each of us was going to be in different hotels. Also, because we thought that the low-class bus trip was going to be very cold, we wore heavy wool coats. However, the bus had air conditioning and we were very hot. That we were a bit uncomfortable was obvious but the things were done.

In Huaraz, we enjoyed our travel a lot. We explored together relatively well-known places like the Archaeology Museum of Huaraz and the Plaza de Armas. However, the best part was the sightseeing tour to places that became household names such Llanganuko Lakes, Pastoruri Glacier, and the Archaeological Site of Chavin de Huantar. In these places, we enjoyed breathtaking views, we took a lot of wonderful pictures and deepened our friendship better than ever.

I think it has been the most memorable touristic trip of my life, despite it lasted only 3 days. I didn’t suffered with the expectation syndrome, I enjoyed it a lot and I hope to repeat it again. The problem is whether they want to travel together again. Viviana is going to get married next month and Ericka is going to work abroad.

This article was presented for the course Advanced Grammar 2 of the ICPNA. Book: Focus On Grammar 5, published by Pearson
Unit: 9th Modifications of Nouns, and 10th Noun Clauses Noun Clauses: Subjects, Objects and Complements (underlined).
Instructions: Write three or four paragraphs about a situation that did not turn out as you expected it would. Did the situation have anything to do with the expectation syndrome?

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